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White Book

  • 1.Preface
    Located in the northwest of Chiayi County, Singang Township is 16km away from Chiayi City, about 10 minutes drive from Chiayi Interchange of Sun Yat-Sen Freeway through No.159 Highway. It borders on Minsyong Township in the east and faces Beigang Township, Yunlin County across Beigang River in the west, Taibao City, Chiayi County across Puzih River in the south, and Yuanchang Township, Yunlin County across Beigang River in the north. The township is of a flat and plain terrain, with an elevation of 13m and an area of about 66km2, accounting for 3.47% of the total area of the county, 1901.67km2. There are 4786 hectares of agricultural farmland, accounting for 72.5% of the total area of the township. The area under urban planning is 543.36 hectares. The administrative region of the township is divided into 23 villages, with a population of about 35000 persons.
    Recently, in the abrupt change of political environment and system, the financial division between the central and local governments is not as good as expected, so most of the townships have not enough funds and even cannot afford the pay of the staff. Singang Township also faces this situation. When CHIN, Huang took office, the finance of Singang Township Office was almost bankrupt. Under the great stress arising from the internal and external difficulties, it is hard for the head to talk about the hardship and achieve his ideal. However, every time when he thinks of the expectations of the citizens and the future vision of the hometown he loves deeply, CHIN, Huang realizes he can never give up. The head not only asks himself to "burden the responsibility and have a wide range of vision", but also expects the colleagues to "review the past, work hard now and look forward to the future". Therefore, to change the operation system, mobilize volunteers to participate in, cultivate professional teams, choose the critical points of implementation, work out innovative plans, and make efforts to find a way out have become the objectives for CHIN, Huang to encourage his colleagues and carry out the policies in the future.
    “Higher administrative efficiency and better quality of service” has always been the goal of the staff of the township office. CHIN, Huang expects the colleagues, with “new thinking, care of people from the bottom of heart, honest service, and feedback of love”, to serve the public sincerely and persistently, master the pulse of the society quickly, march forward with the times, and look forward to the future. It is hoped that the team of the township office can lay an ever-lasting milestone for the sustainable development of our hometown.

    2. Organization of the Township Office
    Organizational structure: Township Head→Chief Secretary→Secretary → administrative units (Civil Affairs Section, Finance Section, Construction Section, Agriculture Section, Social Affairs Section, Personnel Office, Budget, Accounting and Statistics Office, Civil Service Ethics Office, General Affairs Office) and subordinate units (Cleaning Unit, Nursery, Library)

    3. What we can do for you
    The items and contents of service provided by the units of the Township Office are as shown below:
    Civil Affairs Section: provides services regarding civil affairs and draftee affairs.
    Finance Section: provides services regarding finance, taxation and revenue.
    Construction Section: provides services regarding traffic, water conservancy and utilization, tourism, industry and commerce.
    Agriculture Section: provides services regarding agriculture, forestry, fishery and livestock husbandry.
    Social Affairs Section: provides services regarding social welfare.
    General Affairs Office: provides staff and other administrative services.
    Cleaning Unit: provides services regarding waste clearing and waste management.

    4. Improve service image
    Respect the customer, promote the scheme of service in good manner, and improve the service environment.

    5. Channels for us to hear your voice, pleadings and suggestions
    We will try our best to accomplish the implementation objectives of the Office. Even if we fail to reach your ideal, we will explain the difficulties we encounter in our work to you and we expect your understanding. If you have any dissatisfaction with any unit of the Office or have any suggestion on the policies, please tell us through the following channels. We will listen to you sincerely and take measures as soon as possible. It is our honor to serve you!
    Our address, service telephone, fax, e-mail and website
    Address: No. 155, Jhongshan Rd, Singang Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan
    Service telephone: exchange 05-3742104-6 (6 for automatic switching)

    Hotline and e-mail of the sections/offices
    Township Head's Office: Fax: 374-5171 E-mail: Civil Affairs Section: 374-1894
    E-mail: Finance Section: 374-6114   
    E-mail: Construction Section: 374-1814    
    E-mail: Agriculture Section: 374-1884    
    E-mail: Social Affairs Section: 374-7625
    E-mail: General Affairs Office: 374-7584
    E-mail: Budget, Accounting and Statistics Office: 374-3645
    E-mail: Personnel Office: 374-3654  
    E-mail: Civil Service Ethics Office: 374-8892  E-mail: Cleaning Unit: 374-7566    
    E-mail: Library: 374-6533       
    E-mail: Nursery: 374-7410         
    E-mail: Website:

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